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As an intern, I covered dailies and enterprise stories across a variety of beats, culminating in 65 bylines over the course of three semesters.

Here are some highlights:


Iranians are exposing their regime’s abuses online — and the world is watching

Sept. 30, 2022

Diaspora Iranians who take a public stance on anti-government protests sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death forfeit ever returning to Iran, where they’d face arrest. Those uploading footage from the ground know they are risking their lives daily. But Iranians see hope now, they say, and that makes it all worth it.

The Twitter account giving a window into China’s internet

April 24, 2022

A translation project is exposing pro-Russian sentiment on Chinese social media to the outside world, challenging Beijing’s image of neutrality in the Ukraine conflict.

‘My heart is numb’: Chinese students stranded in U.S. by coronavirus

Feb. 16, 2022

Lack of flights, strict quarantine requirements and their own Covid-19 infections are making it difficult for Chinese students abroad to travel home.


How NYC’s pay transparency law sets the stage for the next big shift in work culture

Nov. 4, 2022

Talking about salary is no longer taboo, but rapidly becoming the new norm. What’s happening now with pay transparency will most likely mirror what has happened with remote work in recent years, experts said.


What’s in the ‘magic spray’ World Cup players use, and does it really work?

Dec. 2, 2022

The World Cup has brought renewed attention to the mysterious aerosol that appears to heal all.

Common treatment for joint pain may be linked to faster arthritis progression, research suggests

Nov. 29, 2022

One of the most common pain relief treatments for arthritis, corticosteroid injections, may actually be associated with faster progression of the disease, according to new research.

Expect more fungal infections as their geographic ranges expand, experts warn

Nov. 21, 2022

Many fungal infections are found outside areas where the pathogens are thought to be endemic, a new paper says. Climate change may be to blame.


Three TikTok users go viral for their prank trolling Truth Social app

March 24, 2023

Their goal? To get Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is widely considered to be Trump’s biggest opponent in the 2024 presidential race, trending on Trump’s own platform.

How help from a social media-savvy employee and a giant cat helped a Florida auto shop go viral on TikTok

March 3, 2023

No need for polished copy or fancy shoots in today’s social media marketing landscape. When it comes to attracting Gen Z’s attention, anything goes — including a giant cat filter and a plea for help.

San Antonio Zoo goes viral for cockroach Valentine offering

Feb. 6, 2023

Anyone going through a tough breakup this Valentine’s Day may find some solace in feeding their ex to a zoo animal. Symbolically, of course.

Despite the collective rampage against spotted lanternflies, the pests are here to stay

Nov. 17, 2022

Killing spotted lanternflies became part of U.S. culture this summer, and TikTok users spurred a flurry of bug hunting. Did it make a difference?

Black Mormons turn to TikTok to hold majority-white school accountable on race

April 21, 2022

The Black Menaces have gone viral for their man-on-the-street interviews showcasing campus culture at Brigham Young University, a Mormon school with a Black population of less than 1%. The group puts fellow students on the spot with questions about race, identity and politics.

Elaine Hsieh Chou channels her ‘unspoken rage’ in debut novel ‘Disorientation’

April 13, 2022

“Not having a reflection back of your experiences is a form of gaslighting because you’re like, ‘Well, I guess all these things I feel are invented,’” Chou said.

Lana Condor says rom-coms have too long been about ‘women that do not look like me’

March 29, 2022

Lana Condor spoke with NBC Asian America before the “Moonshot” premiere about lessons viewers can take from the film and how she learned to embrace her identity as a Vietnamese American transnational adoptee.

‘I was in it for the memes’: How Subtle Asian Dating sparked unexpected lasting relationships

March 7, 2022

“I would always see other people posting their friends,” one group member said. “And I’d be like, ‘Wow, I wonder if anything happens.’”


Asian Americans are over just being included — they’re defining mainstream culture

May 12, 2022

A proliferation of movies and television shows in recent years has made it clear Asian Americans are no longer chasing the opportunity to merely be included. Instead, diaspora storytellers are increasingly creating their own spaces on their own terms — without feeling the need to contextualize their stories for the masses.

AAPI Heritage Month: 100 ways Asian Americans and allies are fighting hate crimes, violence

May 2, 2022

From local fundraisers to rallies to national legislation to systemic changes in schools, AAPIs and others are developing solutions to increase visibility and fight racism.

Burned and vandalized: A history of cherry blossoms bearing the brunt of xenophobia

April 26, 2022

From Pearl Harbor to Covid-19 scapegoating, Japanese cherry blossom trees have been destroyed during times of heightened anti-Asian sentiment.

As Chinatowns face rapid change, America’s oldest Chinese restaurants are bent on surviving

March 23, 2022

Traditional Chinese mom-and-pop eateries are facing multiple challenges of gentrification, shifting trends and increased bias attacks.

From crime victims to politicians, misidentifying Asians is part of America’s racist history

March 1, 2022

“I think people misunderstand the term ‘microaggression’ in a lot of ways, because the ‘micro’ doesn’t apply to the impact,” said one person who has been mistaken for others in their field.

Artist’s makeup mirror exhibit symbolizes Asians looking over shoulder in subway

Feb. 7, 2022

Artist Kelly Wang was 6 years old when two of her schoolmates told her they “want to kill all the Chinese people.” Today, the 29-year-old carries a mirrored makeup compact when out in New York City, where she lives and works — not to touch up her appearance, but to subtly check behind her shoulder on a subway platform at night.


New Florida bill aims to limit legal protections for news media

Feb. 28, 2022

A Florida bill introduced last week would make it easier to successfully sue news media for defamation, with several provisions that defy landmark Supreme Court rulings on First Amendment rights.

Judge dismisses suit alleging TikTok ‘blackout challenge’ caused girl’s death

Oct. 26, 2022

The ruling illustrates a failed attempt by parents to bypass the protections historically afforded by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects internet platforms like TikTok from being held liable for content posted by third-party users.

‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirts were handed out on Los Angeles’ skid row. One woman decided to give unhoused people an alternative option.

Oct. 21, 2022

“I’m not gonna allow their desperation to lead to their harm because people want to dump stuff like that in our community,” said Shirley Raines, who distributed about 200 plain black T-shirts on skid row in hopes of offsetting the influx of “White Lives Matter” shirts.

Dunkin’ changed its rewards program. Devotees of the coffee brand are expressing their outrage.

Oct. 12, 2022

The reactions? Spite, resentment, anger. Some are switching to other coffee chains despite years of loyalty to Dunkin’.

‘We got weights in fish’: A cheating controversy goes viral on TikTok

Oct. 3, 2022

The world of competitive fishing is up in arms over a scandal that saw two fishermen accused of weighing down their catch with lead balls to win a fishing tournament in Cleveland. What nobody at the competition expected, however, was for the incident to also blow up online.

Cities across U.S. hold rallies to commemorate Atlanta-area spa shootings

March 17, 2022

“Why are we tying ourselves in knots trying to solve a problem that we did not create?” author Min Jin Lee said at a rally in New York City.

LGBTQ book ban advocate faces felony child molestation charge in Missouri

Feb. 3, 2022

He sought to ban LGBTQ books from schools for depicting sexual content. Now, he’s facing charges of child molestation and furnishing porn to a minor.

Miss. bill would block incarcerated people, minors from legally changing their name

Jan. 21, 2022

Critics say certain provisions of the “Real You Act of 2022” are “particularly cruel.”