Across the river

I strolled reluctantly over the bridge that night,

Not planning to find in the dark something so bright.

Let loose, have fun, venture out of my zone;

Neither of us could have possibly known

The intensity with which our paths would collide.

You dove straight into my life and disturbed the tide.

I won’t forget the ephemeral moments we shared,

But now you’re on my mind when I should never have cared.

How can I just forget the way you looked at me

Like I’m the most exquisite thing you’ll ever see?

We knew so little about each other yet learned so much:

While together, opening up didn’t feel as tough.

I wish you hadn’t said, though, all the things you did

That made my heart leap to heights I’d normally forbid.

Timing is cruel because it’s never aligned

With the way two souls are presently entwined.

The hurt of lost potential will fade as time flies by;

I’ll only smile at the way you made me soar so high.

I hope you grow to thrive there across the river;

Thank you for all the happiness you delivered.

If the subject of this piece is reading this—oops, that’s embarrassing. I shouldn’t have to feel like I shouldn’t care about you, but I do. So this is my catharsis: I pour my silly angst out through words and then I’m fine again.

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